Australia's Kangaroos group has been formed out of the necessity for voices to be heard and the truth about this iconic, unique and majestic animal to be told.

For far too long the truth about the Commercial Kangaroo Industry has been cloaked in secrecy and hidden behind a facade of sustainability which is sanctioned by the Australian Government.

There is more awareness by people from overseas about the dire plight our Kangaroos are in than there is by the Australian people.

Most Australians do not realise that a commercial Industry even exists in this country and when they are told that millions of Kangaroos are being slaughtered every year just for their their skins and their meat, a by-product, is being made into pet food, they are shocked saying "I had no idea this was happening".

It is not the fault of the average Australian that they know little of what is happening the the animal that is featured on their coat of arms. 

Their ignorance is due to the lack of media attention to the problem, media would rather concentrate on 'sensationalism' rather than fact, it's the old story of 'never let the truth get in the way of a good story'. Media would rather tell the story of 'plagues' of Kangaroos depriving sheep and cattle of water and grass. and causing 'hard times' for farmers.

The Australian State and Federal Governments would rather use old, outdated research on their websites which validates their claims of sustainability, strict control procedures and supporting the claims of farmers and landholders than use up-to-date research by independent scientists because this sort of research does not uphold their claims. Thus the average Australian knows very little of the truth.


Australia's Kangaroos is formed by a group of people who have a passion for Kangaroos and have an equal passion for the truth to be told.

We are dedicated to bringing education about Kangaroos to everyone. We will tell the whole story of this incredible animal not just the pretty side but also the dark side that is bringing about their destruction. Extinction is forever.   

The story about the intrinsic relationship Australian wildlife has with the culture of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders has never been acknowledge by the Australian Government. On our website we will take you into this relationship and give you some enlightenment about the importance of our Indigenous people being given a voice to express their feelings of anger and frustration that they are being totally ignored by the Australian Government. They have little to zero representation  in the so called 'management' of the animals that are their culture.

Australia's Kangaroos is very fortunate to have Aunty Ro Mudyin Godwin as Vice President of our group who will share her knowlege and wisdom with everyone.

I am Aunty Ro Mudyin Godwin would like to extend a very warm welcome to one and all here to Australia’s Kangaroos, an Independent Organisation creating awareness and knowledge about our Sacred Kangaroo and providing education about Kangaroos and indeed the Slaughter Industry and Colonialism that has been responsible for their ongoing plight. 

As a Proud Palawa Women and an Initiated Teacher of Traditional Knowledge of Kangaroo and Country it’s an honour for me to be able to share with you Traditional Knowledge re Kangaroo that has been passed down to me from Elders and Family across thousands of years and its an honour to be able to share with you the importance of Kangaroo in the very survival of Australia and indeed the Dreaming. 

Having been involved in exposing the reality of the repugnant Kangaroo Killing Industry for many decades and indeed involved in exposing the vile Colonialism that threatens the very existence of Kangaroo, it is essential that the truth be told about what is actually happening out here across Country to our Kangaroos. 

Kangaroo are the Dreaming of Country, they are a Creator Spirit, they are Totem to many of we Indigenous People, they have lived here in their Ancestral Home for millions of years, majestically bounding across Country, their soft padded feet and tails thumping this Ancient Land, causing ripples and vibrations to radiate across this, their Country, thereby re-energising Song Lines and Dreaming however due to the relentless slaughter of these Ancient Story Tellers, many Song Lines and Dreaming Tracks across Country now lay silent for the first time in millions of years...the shadows of  Sacred Kangaroo blown away across the dry dusty land as memories of what once was. 

We all must stand together to stop the decimation of this Sacred Totem Animal Kangaroo and I thank those of you standing with me in this fight.